A patent-pending wafer process, that’s an alternative to MOS and bipolar technology.

Bizen, an acronym of bipolar and Zener, uses Zener quantum tunnel mechanics to provide a different way to isolate the base well called the ‘Tunnel’ terminal. Designers can do away with the resistor, like in MOS and take advantage of the now controllable current. With Bizen, the output terminals that would normally be called the emitter, source, collector or drain, are instead called Anode 1 and 2. The two regions are identical, meaning the transistor has identical forward and reverse characteristics, allowing for AC signals and push/pull circuits.

The result is a disruptive wafer process with lower dynamic power, higher speed and higher gate density, all slingshot by 1\2 the process layers, 1\3 the material use and 1\10 the lead time.




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