Wafer train is the trading arm and subsidiary of Search For The Next Ltd who formed a collaboration with a lead FAB chosen for their impressive track record. That track record spans over thirty years bringing the required pedigree to qualify the collaboration encompassing discrete, analogue and VLSI microprocessor experience from some of the most respected volume process plant engineers in the industry.


The collaborations objective, to create a new process and infrastructure with a focus on time to market above geometry given the known problems highlighted by Moore's Law, chasing ever reduced geometries. 


Wafer train delivers this process to you utilising the combination of two disruptive sets of IP owned by the group company. The first BIZEN is a wafer process getting away from the manufacturing times of conventional BIPOLAR and CMOS VLSI processes which also has the advantage of outstanding cell library density. BIZEN achieves this density through the use of quantum mechanics, saving base resistors, metal layers, contacts and complementary devices. The second disruptive IP comes in the form of a heavily reduced device count CPU architecture which when multiplied by the reduced cell density of BIZEN creates a device and resource reduction sufficient to reset Moore’s Law. This incredibly compact process combined with the adapted infrastructure of the FAB further enables the dream scenario of low production costs with unprecedented manufacturing times.


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